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 Massage and Skin Care By Aliona is a modern retreat serving Oakland’s Rockridge, Montclair & Piedmont neighborhoods as well as Berkeley and entire East Bay. Our customized facials and body treatments make you look glamorous on the outside and feel rejuvenated on the inside. Our goal is to help you maintain a healthy skin with the exclusive European professional products from Jean D'Arcel Cosmetique. 

We specialize on  Massage, Body Treatments, Facials and Bio Microcurrent Lifting Facial 
That  make you look younger and beautiful.

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Oxygen Facial 

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The 5 Biggest Oxygen Facial Benefits

1. There are No Side Effects

2. Results are Immediate

3. It’s a Great Foundation for Make-Up

4. Your Skin Looks Younger & Smoother

5. It Increases Collagen Production

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Microcurrent Facial

The microcurrent facial machines started to be used in medical treatments around the late 1980’s in the U.S. and was approved as a muscle simulator.

At that time microcurrent treatment was used to treat patients with Bell’s Palsy, a facial paralysis, and stroke.
The treatment proved helpful for the cure and lifting of uneven and flagging facial muscles.
During the 1990’s, microcurrent facial treatments has been incorporated in the cosmetic world.

Microcurrent facial is a great alternative to face-lifts. Because it is a non-surgical procedure, you don’t have concern about possible dangerous complications

Treatments with Microcurrent facial machine are safe, painless, nonsurgical, and noninvasive. It is a cosmetic procedure that creates tone, lifts and firms the sagging facial muscles by bringing them back to their original shape and firmness.

Benefits of using a Microcurrent Facial Machine

1.)  Improves the vitality and look of the skin
2.)  Tightens and firms skin
3.)  Tones muscles throughout the face and the neck
4.)  Lifts flagging eyebrows and jowls
5.)  Fosters healing of scars and blemishes by granting a glow to the skin
6.)  Diminishes and eradicates fine lines and wrinkles
7.)  Rejuvenates the making of collagen on the skin

How does Microcurrent Facial Machine work?

Microcurrent Facial Machines utilize electric current that recharges the facial tissue.
A conductive gel is first applied on the face.
Then a dual-tipped cotton-probed contraption is rubbed on the outer skin to stimulate the muscles that are in need of the treatment.

The human body has its own electric current and mircrocurrent facial machine works in harmony with the electric impulses that is remitted.
The machine used in the treatment transmits painless gentle impulses to the facial muscles allowing and aiding the muscles to relax and rebuild its strength and vigor.
It also retrains the muscles to restore to its original location.

The treatment and process takes around 30 minutes to about an hour.
A total treatment course takes about 10-15 treatments within first 6 weeks.
Then a recommended once a month maintenance treatment as follow up.
The total number of treatment will change depending on each person unique skin condition and muscle tone.

Who should get Microcurrent Facial Procedures

The Microcurrent Facial treatment can be for everyone.
Both the young and the older. Both groups can benefit who wish to maintain and get a younger looking face.
Just as long as they are healthy and do not have skin problems in the area that need to be treated.
Check with your doctor.
Young people can benefits too if they wish to put off the normal signs of aging that occur and for older people who wish to bring back their youthful appearance and vitality.

The Microcurrent Facial Machine and treatment is a great alternative then the typical face-lift

Because it is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure, you do not have to concern yourself about risky and dangerous complications.
It is basically a safe and effective method.
It is gentle and almost totally painless.
The treatment gives fast results and most importantly it does not have a recovery time!